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I've been really busy drawing for a contest, that I won't mention yet. I will get back to drawing for myself when I'm done with it. See ya soon! 
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Took a week off for a staycation, and now I'm ready to get back to drawing! The first thing I'm going to do is finish that Litten Poster, then think of a special fourth poster. Maybe something about the legendaries? I don't know yet. 
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  • Reading: Overlord light novel volume 1
I wanted to upload some work, but I left them on another computer... And I probably won't have enough time to do it tomorrow... shame on your head 
Recently, I had to reformat my computer. I managed to save all of my important files, but I'm having a bit of trouble setting up Open Broadcaster again. I'm still drawing, but I wanted to record some of the sketches I've been doing for my Patreon page. Be back later. 
I'm going to stop doing the Pokedex challenge to focus on more humanoid characters and just practicing how to draw and paint other things, specifically backgrounds. I only started doing this to help battle my depression and rekindle my passion for art. I feel that it has also helped me learn more about line work and coloring. I might go back to doing it again, but not for a long while. So just enjoy the 300+ Pokemon pictures I've already done. And remember, growth is important as long as you keep fun for yourself.
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I'm all caught up! Now I can focus on other projects. Haaaaa~
I'm starting to realize that my Pokedex entries are getting more grandiose, so I've decided to upscale the size after chibi Blaziken. I want to get the most out of my pictures, especially the Mega Evolution ones. I know it's going to be much better. 
Busy out on this sunny, dry day. Did some shopping and enjoyed lunch in the park.
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You can find it here
More art dump coming as soon as Tuesday! Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2]  

It's regarding my Pokedex challenge; I want it to reflect my actual daily progress as oppose to nothing. So again, as soon as Generation 1 is done, there will be a huge dump of art, followed by a steady stream of the Daily Pokedex Challenge. As soon as Generaton 2 is done, I will move on to flat colors. That's all for now! 

 Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
I did all of the Finn emotional pictures, plus two extra ones! I think some will find the last one pretty awesome. Enjoy!
I'm almost finished, but there's still a few Finn pictures left! I've gotta be strong and complete them!
I'm almost done with inking and coloring the rest of the Finn pictures. I will finish the rest once I've taken care of some other things at home. Bye-bee! ^_^
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Well, it seems that in only an hour of creating my account and submitting my work, I got a lot of favorites. Thanks to all who love my work! ^_^ I'm as much of a fan of Adventure Time as the rest of you. <3

I'm considering giving all (that's right, ALL) of my Finn portraits the BMO treatment. Those will come over time. Later today, I'll move the Finn pictures to scraps. Enjoy them while you can and thanks again for the favorites! ^_^
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